Monthly Archive: April 2013

Apr 19

Who doesn’t want to look younger? More on face yoga

Read and follow this short article. Don’t neglect your face. It is a huge asset but it could be a huge liability. Who says we have to look 100 years old…even if we are (well I’m hoping I’ll get there…). Take care of your face. It’s never too late. Those creams will not do it. …

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Apr 17

OK, we all could tone and lift our cheeks, unless you are only 10

So I am into face yoga as you might have noticed and I am darn serious about it. This video below is specific to toning our cheeks. Watch it and do it! Source: Youtube Related Blogs

Apr 15

Is your face starting to sag a bit? Why not try: Facial Yoga

It is a bit strange now that I start to think about it. We are all enthused about exercising and go for walks, go to the gym but we forget one important part of our body: our face. We should and should have been exercising our faces just as much. No wonder we see severe …

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