Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Every time we eat, not just full meals, but snacks also, we make a decision. It might sound a bit ominous and at the time we might not think of it much but really EVERY single time we eat we ARE making a decision consciously or unconsciously to move towards health or towards decline of health; gain more weight or lose weight.

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Every Other Day Diet

Long term diet plan

So what is the answer? Do we become paranoid about food and lose the enjoyment that foods can provide us?

No, simply start incorporating in your regular menu foods that help you lose weight. We have to get to the point of eating healthy without thinking about it too much.

No. 1

The easiest way to remember what foods are actually going to help you is to remember that those are usually foods high in fiber

No. 2

Don’t forget we have to eat protein so the best way to ensure you are not going to pack on the pounds is to choose lean meats.

No. 3

This is going to the surprise element. Chocolate. I strongly believe one has to indulge the sweet tooth once in a while to avoid binges. An occasional 20-gram chocolate bar is a good choice for sweet-tooth cravings, because it’s individually pack aged and therefore less risky than cake, ice cream, or puddings.

Without going into too much detail, here are some examples of foods that help you lose weight:

  • high fiber cereals
  • high fiber , multigrain sprouted bread
  • legumes (beans, lentil, etc)
  • raw veggies (almost all of them)
  • raw fruits
  • dark chocolate
  • hot drinks
  • vegetable soup
  • air popped pop corn

Of course there are always more foods we could add I’m sure but this is a good start.

One thing I do want to mention. You could eat only foods that help you lose weight and still not lose weight. Why? Because portion size matters and because the law of how many calories you consume and how many you burn will ALWAYS apply, so physical activity is also a factor.

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