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Belly Trimming TIPS

limit starch intake

[Editor’s Note: Fitness author Jon Benson shared this letter with me and gave me permission to share it with you. ] Want to be leaner? Good deal… here’s 5 tips that will help you along… TIP 1 Ditch The Starch Starches, such as rice, potatoes, some veggies, oats, etc. are often considered “health foods.” While …

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Emotional Eating Reasons & Help

emotional eating

Are you an emotional eater? Emotions can be deadly. At least when it comes to eating. And the VAST majority of us are “emotional eaters.” And that leads to excess bodyfat. We eat when we are stressed-out We eat when we are overly happy We eat when we are depressed And when you eat like …

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3 ways to a trim stomach

trim stomach

We all want to have a trim stomach. Here are just a few simple steps you can take towards that trim belly.