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Fun and educational videos to help us shave that jelly belly off

Jet Lag Remedies – diet tips for travellers

 Jet lag remedies that work How to eat to beat that dreaded jet lag I find that there are people who like to travel and travel a lot and then those who did not get bit by the travel bug and only travel when necessary.  Personally, I love traveling. I just love going to places, …

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Funny but realistic video on women and heart attack

Young women can get a heart attack? Do you think you have to be old (or middle aged) and out of shape to get a heart attack? Think again. Watch this funny video … it tells you what signs to watch for if you are having a heart attack.  Please share with girlfriends/women/men in your …

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4 Belly flattening workout tips

4 Belly flattening workout tips   I don’t know about you, but I can always use a few new ways to try and minimize the size of my belly.   Since I am not a huge fitness enthusiast I like to keep it simple and just do a few exercises. I came across this short …

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Fast Fat Loss Tips

trim belly tips

1-minute fatloss tip for this week… ———————————————————————-| Got a minute? That’s all I need to share Jon Benson’s first of many video-based 1-minute fatloss tips. Go here for the first of many…. click—–> His new design is something to see too. He will be posting his weekly live 1-minute video, tons of new features… even …

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Emotional Eating Reasons & Help

emotional eating

Are you an emotional eater? Emotions can be deadly. At least when it comes to eating. And the VAST majority of us are “emotional eaters.” And that leads to excess bodyfat. We eat when we are stressed-out We eat when we are overly happy We eat when we are depressed And when you eat like …

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