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Keeping our figure and staying smart

Keeping your figure over age 40

Here is another great post by guest blogger Lisa Cleary: There’s no doubt, as our body slows down, going into coasting mode instead of overdrive, that it becomes ever more difficult to retain that great figure we had before we hit 40-something and had a close encounter with menopause. The days when we could eat …

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Get rid of belly fat – Warnings on what not to eat and how not to exercise

This article is a bit controversial. Nevertheless, I think it’s a great read and one should be open to different opinions. I tend to agree with the author that we are “sold” all the health food supplements and not all are beneficial to us or perform how we expect them. What I also like about …

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Find your abs workout -No need to rush to the store – 50 full-length workout videos you can find online for FREE!

This is a place where you can find a lot of exercise videos for free. So it’s like going shopping for your preferred workout video except you don’t have to pay. I thought I will share this with you. I think it’s a great find so hopefully you will find a video to your liking …

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How Exercise Helps Reduce Chances of Varicose and Spider Veins

varicos veins and exercise

Is it true that what goes up must always come down? For a ball, yes – but not for blood in the veins of your legs! There, blood returning to the heart is never meant to reverse its course, and one-way valves within them are meant to police the flow of ‘traffic.’ Over the years, …

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Lipolaser Review

lipolaser review

First of all what is Lipolaser? The word Lipolaser has been made up by two words: “liposuction” and “laser”, because it removes fat (lipos in Greek) with an advanced laser technology system. Lipo laser (the word is used as one word or two words, take your pick) is a non-invasive inch loss, spot fat removal …

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