Fresh Basil in Your Kitchen

There are many benefits to basil

I love fresh herbs and when I saw potted fresh basil being sold at the supermarket I quickly bought one. Wow, what a nice addition to my foods. I love having fresh basil in my kitchen. I particularly like adding fresh basil leaves to my sandwiches.

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The main reason I bought the fresh basil plant was because I simply like the taste of it and I knew I will be using it a lot. I do not have a “green thumb” so this is a very convenient way for me to have a fresh herb.

I have been using basil for a while now and I thought, geeh, it must have some healthy benefits so I decided to check that out online….where else? ūüôā

I have to say I am so pleasantly surprised by all the  benefits basil has that I will make sure my little plant stays healthy providing me with a lot of fresh leaves for months to come.


In addition to the many benefits of basil you will find on most sites when searching online, I want to mention a couple that might not be so readily found: 

Basil is great for mosquito bites

Simply rub the basil leaf on your mosquito bite and reap the benefits. It helps with itching, swelling and disinfecting.

Basil  also has awesome  anti -aging effects

For this it is recommended you use basil extract.  This has the ability to destroy harmful agents and prevent damage caused by certain free radicals.

Are you using basil? If so what is your favorite way of using it?

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      • Eric Davis on January 2, 2019 at 12:02 pm

      Hi, thanks for the info, but is there any scientific proof for Basil being helpful for anti-aging and mosquito bites?

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