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Sep 22

Why Busy Moms Watch Yoga Exercise Videos

A lot of mothers these days easily get tired and exhausted from doing all the roles that they play. On top of our day job, we are also expected to attend to our kids and to our husbands we have to make sure that they are safe, well fed, and prepared before leaving the house …

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Aug 29

A Brief on Yoga

Owing to the fast-paced lives, the stress levels have drastically increased in the lives of the people.In addition, with the issues like pollution and side effects of medicines, many people want to move towards a healthier life.This is where Yoga comes into picture.Originated in ancient India, the term Yoga is closely associated to various physical …

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Aug 12

Getting 10 Minutes of Fitness Exercise in 25 Steps Part 1

Experts advise working out 45 mins to 60 minutes a day (30 mins for newbies) for fat loss and physical fitness. But if you’re enjoy a lot ladies, you don’t often have a prohibit of 30 to 60 mins a day to dedicate solely to carrying out your workouts. Another great article here – How To …

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Aug 03

Stress Free Living Using Yoga Exercise Videos

With a world full of stress, it is no wonder that people of all ages and fitness levels are turning to Yoga exercise videos to create a better, more relaxed lifestyle. Yoga is great for anyone because it can be modified for all levels, if you are a mom who “should” workout, your in luck, …

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