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How humus helps my weight loss

3 Ways Humus Helps My Weight Loss I have been losing weight steadily since January. The Christmas holidays binging, culminating with the the big party at New Year’s Eve resulted in me adding even more pounds to my already chubby body. So reluctantly, and trust me it was reluctantly I agreed to start a diet …

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Fat in diet – is it important?

fat in diet

The Importance of Fat in Diet   ┬áIs fat in our diet harmful? You probably heard that fat in diet is bad for you and by now you are conditioned to avoid it as plaque. Numerous sources of information tell you that fats are potentially harmful elements of your diet. While this is partially true, …

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Lose Stomach Fat – How To Lose Waist Fat

Belly or stomach fat is the hardest to lose. Most people struggle to lose stomach fat. However, with proper knowledge and little more understanding of your own body, you can easily lose stomach fat. Most of the time people think that they can get a flat stomach with the help of isolation exercises. This is …

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