How humus helps my weight loss

3 Ways Humus Helps My Weight Loss

I have been losing weight steadily since January. The Christmas holidays binging, culminating with the the big party at New Year’s Eve resulted in me adding even more pounds to my already chubby body. So reluctantly, and trust me it was reluctantly I agreed to start a diet plan and start my journey to weight loss. I am not a huge believer of diets or anything too structured but got really tired of seeing this  overweight  woman with busting clothes looking back at me from the mirror.

OK, what does this have to do with humus?

Humus is high in fiber

Well, a weight loss wisdom that I seemed to have picked up from my nutritional classes, TV, health magazines, etc, is that fiber is a great way to make yourself feel full and has many health benefits . If you want to know more about the benefits of fiber and since there is fiber in humus the benefits of fiber in humus click the link. Great info.

How high is humus in fiber? That depends on how you prepare it but the commercial humus has about 15 grams of dietary fiber in one cup of serving.  Check out the nutritional details of humus at Nutrition Facts.

Humus is high in protein

So if you have a food that is high in protein and high in fiber you have a real winner. Not only do you have a food that is making you feel full but one that with the high protein helps regulate your insulin level and sustain muscle during weight loss. What is also great that humus is a not an animal protein source so if you are a vegetarian or just want to cut down on animal protein eating humus is a good choice.

Use humus strictly to dip vegetables – great for low carb high protein diets

This actually saved me from reaching for “undesirable” foods since dipping a piece of celery or radish in the great tasting humus curbs the appetite and fills the tummy until you can fill it with that yummy meal you are preparing. What I am saying that having humus with some veggies as a snack is one of the best ways to help you with weight loss.

Of course there are many other foods that are awesome and helped me with my weight loss. No worries,  I will share them with you in my blog posts.

Did I mention to you that since January I have lost 30 lbs!!! Oh, yeah!  ( I am mentally running around and jumping up and down!!!)

If you want to know about more foods that help with your weight loss just click on the link.

To your healthy weight loss!



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