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Is Alpha Arbutin Safer than Hydroquinone?

 The beauty industry has been looking for a new replacement for hydroquinone since it has been banned worldwide with the exception of the U.S. .   At one point Kojic Acid seemed promising but wasn’t as powerful.  Recently, they found this substance in, of all places, a weed in Canada  The chemical is called Alpha …

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Want Your Wrinkle Cream to Work Really Well For You?

Today there are many types of wrinkle creams available. A few of these work well enough that people call them mini fountains of youth. Others don’t allow the pores to remain clear which often causes pimples. How can you tell which ones really work? Most people don’t want to make their skin conditions worse right? …

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Hyperpigmented Skin? How to Treat It

Eventually, we all are going to get it .  dark spots, sun spots, and uneven skin is just a fact of life .  There are some good possibilities that will help you treat hyperpigmentation without having to spend money on laser skin treatment or even go to a dermatologist. This report will highlight some of the possibilities …

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