Hyperpigmented Skin? How to Treat It

Eventually, we all are going to get it .  dark spots, sun spots, and uneven skin is just a fact of life .  There are some good possibilities that will help you treat hyperpigmentation without having to spend money on laser skin treatment or even go to a dermatologist. This report will highlight some of the possibilities that a woman can use to her uneven skin using natural sources.

So What is Hyperpigmentation?

Chalk it up to too much melanin in some places and not enough in others as the source of your problem.  Melanin is what makes us “brown” and gives our skin color.   Usually, our melanin production is fairly even in our younger years.  As we age, we produce melanin less effectively and we don’t produce enough sebum that produces new skin cells, which also means we carry a lot more dead skin cells the older we get.   Sun exposure will only aggrevate this situation further and sun spots form on our face and arms. 

How to Remove Age Spots

Hyperpigmented skin doesn’t have to be something you will have to live with.   There are procedures, both professional and at home, that you can do.   .  The first way is to go to a dermatologist and have them treat you with laser therapy or a professional grade acid peel.  The problem with this type of treatment is that it can get expensive.  The other option (and cheaper) is to use a variety of skin products designed to inhibit melanin production.   Add a weekly exfoliation treatment with something like a Kojic Acid Lotion and I think you will be as satisfied as a professional visit to a skin doctor.

Stop the production of melanin with these Skin Ingredients

It is a known fact that the best ingredient to inhibit melanin production is hydroquinone  .  Hydroquinone basically inhibits melanin by interfering with a substance called tyrosinase, which catalyze melanin production in our bodies.    The United States is the only place you can legally get it though.  The good news is that there are some natural skin whitening ingredients that mimic the benefits of hydroquinone.  Alpha Arbutin, a substance found in a weed in Canada, is one of them.  In fact, many scientists believe that there is essentially no difference between how the body reacts to hydroquinone and how it reacts to these natural ingredients .

One word of warning… 

While most skin whiteners are safe, they all contain chemicals that will dry the skin.  The reason is that many skin whitening ingredients can aggravate sensitive skin.  Also, although natural creams containing things like Alpha Arbutin seems to be a safe alternative to hydroquinone , realize that these are “newer” products and testing hasn’t officially confirmed that they are totally safe  .

Double your Chances with a deep exfoliator cream…..

While skin whitening creams can work by themselves, sometimes the better option is to add something that exfoliates the skin .  I mentioned a glycolic acid face peel as a good exfoliator  .  There are also some others options that will help to life the darker, dead skin off the face and keep your skin looking younger . For example, you could use a kojic acid soap.  Totally safe for daily use.

If you need more information on how to treat hyperpigmentation, then you can check out this page .

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