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Funny but realistic video on women and heart attack

Young women can get a heart attack? Do you think you have to be old (or middle aged) and out of shape to get a heart attack? Think again. Watch this funny video … it tells you what signs to watch for if you are having a heart attack.  Please share with girlfriends/women/men in your …

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How Exercise Helps Reduce Chances of Varicose and Spider Veins

varicos veins and exercise

Is it true that what goes up must always come down? For a ball, yes – but not for blood in the veins of your legs! There, blood returning to the heart is never meant to reverse its course, and one-way valves within them are meant to police the flow of ‘traffic.’ Over the years, …

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Diet and diabetes

diet and diabetes

Dieting and Diabetes Did you know that your weight has a lot to do with your chances of getting diabetes? The fact is that the onset of diabetes is much greater in people that are overweight than in those that are not. Type 2 diabetes, or adult onset diabetes is more commonly found in people …

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Lipolaser Review

lipolaser review

First of all what is Lipolaser? The word Lipolaser has been made up by two words: “liposuction” and “laser”, because it removes fat (lipos in Greek) with an advanced laser technology system. Lipo laser (the word is used as one word or two words, take your pick) is a non-invasive inch loss, spot fat removal …

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3 Tips for Eating Out on a Diet

tips on eating out on a diet

Eating out when you are on a diet is, or could be a painful and frustrating experience. Even though this seems more like a punishment, and it does no matter how you slice it, it is actually a good way to start learning about not splurging and just eating normal portions and healthy foods. Fancy …

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