3 Ways that Drinking Coffee Can Harm You

There is a lot of debate about whether or not coffee is good for health. Despite common misconceptions that drinking coffee is bad for you, research has shown that in moderation, one or two cups a day, it can have a positive health impact. Unfortunately, research has also shown that excessive coffee drinking can produce harmful health effects. Some studies indicate that drinking more than three or four cups each day would fall beneath the banner of “excessive.” This article will look at some of the effects drinking coffee can have on your own health. Also, in case you’re interested, I enjoy making green smoothies with my Vitamix blender almost as much as coffee. Here’s a Vita Mix coupon code if you’re interested.

Anybody that drinks two or more cups of coffee every day, might be at a higher risk to develop osteoporosis. Research conducted with almost 1,000 women showed that heavy coffee drinking can stop the body from absorbing some necessary vitamins and minerals from the diet. This can cause the body to get osteoporosis, which is a large decrease in bone density that is generally linked to older patients. Yet, some people who drink a lot of coffee have been found to have a reduction in bond density. Of course, there of other factors in the lifestyle that could account for the early onset of osteoporosis. These things include smoking, drinking alcohol and using hormones. The study also proved that some of the bad effects of drinking a lot of coffee could be decreased by adding milk to the coffee.

Another link to keep in mind is the one to a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Some studies show that drinking two cups of coffee daily can reduce the risk of developing diabetes by as much as 50%. Many believe that coffee works to decrease sensitivity to insulin.

The downside is that this can lead to a condition called hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar in some people. The symptoms are unpleasant and my include sweating, clammy skin, weakness, and heart palpitations. People who have been diagnosed with this condition are encouraged to avoid coffee completely.

In women patients who drink coffee, studies have shown that drinking too much coffee can lead to iron deficiency and anemia. Drinking too much coffee hampers the ability of the body to properly absorb iron. Maintaining a proper iron balance is important for the human body. Iron isn’t limited to transporting oxygen back and forth between the lungs and blood it also happens to be important for several different enzyme reactions. Iron also works to help control infections within the body. People suffering from iron deficiencies can have a very negative effect on these important functions. Anemia and constant fatigue are common results of prolonged iron deficiencies.

Don’t forget that even though there are good benefits for drinking coffee there are plenty of negative effects to remain cautious about. Drink coffee in moderation to avoid those risks. Do this and you can avoid the potential benefits of drinking coffee without the risks of drinking too much. Last but not least, be sure to check out these Vitamix blender reviews.

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