Ok, who am I? Actually, I am being asked where I'm from, since I have an accent and people are curious. My answer to that is: I am from many places. And really that is how I feel. I am a Hungarian born and raised in Transylvania, is a real place :) but lived pretty much all my adult life in Canada. My background is versatile: worked as a dietary technician, as systems analyst,etc. Having fun, that's what matters :)

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How to Stay Healthy When Working from Home

Staying healthy Working from Home

Staying Healthy When Working from Home Did you know, people who work from home report higher levels of happiness than those who have to drive to work every day. But…working from home means (most of the time) longer hours because we push ourselves to do better or feel we didn’t do enough.  As we all …

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Fresh Basil in Your Kitchen

benefits of basil, basil for anti aging, basil for mosquito bites, natural remedies of basil

There are many benefits to basil I love fresh herbs and when I saw potted fresh basil being sold at the supermarket I quickly bought one. Wow, what a nice addition to my foods. I love having fresh basil in my kitchen. I particularly like adding fresh basil leaves to my sandwiches. The main reason …

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Anxiety and food

anxiety natural remedy

Natural remedy for anxiety and depression? It’s Sunday morning and I started my day (after eating breakfast) surfing Facebook. I didn’t really plan on staying there for too long….like most of us I got side tracked and read a very moving article about depression and anxiety.  I feel somewhat useless and helpless when it come …

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Aging is not optional but having fun is….

Do you we really have to kill ourselves at the gym and go on miserable diets to be happy and fit as we age?   These ladies have way too much fun. Love the fact that they got the skipping rope out just as when they were little girls and started playing and even showing …

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Cooking for Special Occasions Can Bring Out the Best in You

Cooking healthy

Most will agree that when we start cooking for a special occasion tension and stress starts to build up inside of us. The stress and tension comes from worrying about details like: What is the best dish or set of dishes to serve for this occasion? How many are coming? What ingredients to get? Where …

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