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Aging is not optional but having fun is….

Do you we really have to kill ourselves at the gym and go on miserable diets to be happy and fit as we age?   These ladies have way too much fun. Love the fact that they got the skipping rope out just as when they were little girls and started playing and even showing …

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CRT 2000 test

Up until a week ago I didn’t know what is the CRT 2000 test. Now I am a huge fan! My girlfriend called me up about 10 days ago that she needs somebody to babysit her little 8 month old while she will have a special test done some sort of body scan. She was …

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World-First Study Links Sunscreen Use to Youthful Skin

suntan lotion and youthfool skin

Here is a great article by my guest blogger Lisa Cleary. Please read it. Lots of good info. For most of us, sunscreen is a part of our daily facial cleansing and make-up routine; present in some of the best-selling creams, foundations and serums, it is also a welcome ingredient in some of the most …

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Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Testing

A rising number of medical professionals feel that all older people must be professionally evaluated for Alzheimer’s. Would you be better off if the disease could be discovered early on, and if you and/or your relatives were tested? Numerous groups now offer tests for memory conditions, looking for warning signs of early Alzheimer’s Disease or various kinds of dementia. Some MDs already typically …

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How To Live 100 Years

healthy living

What we do today will affect our lives tomorrow. Let’s learn how we can live healthier and longer.