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Change Lifestyle Instead of a Diet

Lifestyle change

Some words are commonly associated with other words like when we say “lose weight” immediately the words like “diet” and “exercise” come to mind but these words “diet” and “exercise” are also easily associated with words like “failure” and “impossible”. This is exactly why we should adapt the concept of“Changing Lifestyle Instead a Diet.” That …

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Atkins or No Carbohydrate Diet

One of today’s well-know diet is the less or no carbs diet, also known as the Atkins Diet. This particular diet is quite controversial and has received a lot of criticism because the whole concept of this diet is about the elimination or very minimal intake of carbs. In the begining Atkins diet focuses largely …

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At War With Food: The Cause of Food Allergy

The human immune system is very protective of its territory meaning the human body. Allergic reactions especially to food is one of the many ways the immune system does it job. When a person takes in any kind of food that the body considers a threat or a “trespasser”, the immune system goes to work …

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Burn Fat not Muscles

There are two major reasons why you would want to lose excess pounds, it is either you want to look good and feel good or usually it has something to do with health issues. But whatever reasons you might have, one answer everyone will give you is diet. Most people associate dieting with hunger. This …

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CRT 2000 test

Up until a week ago I didn’t know what is the CRT 2000 test. Now I am a huge fan! My girlfriend called me up about 10 days ago that she needs somebody to babysit her little 8 month old while she will have a special test done some sort of body scan. She was …

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