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Sep 01

Top Belly Fat Exercises To Aid You

People are usually surprised that despite the commercial blah-blah they are exposed to, there are no specialized belly fat exercises. Workouts used to strengthen the abs are often mistaken for belly fat exercises. You are wrong if you think that sit-ups, crunches and V exercises will help you get a slimmer waist! And here is …

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Aug 15

Bid Adieu to Binge Eating

Hello all, I am very exited to introduce to you Brenda Lyttle, my guest blogger. Please read this exceptionally great article. Bid Adieu to Binge Eating Have you spent hours at the gym and are seeing just a little bit of your workout showing up on your body? You surely know this is not going …

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Aug 01

Strengthen youre Body with Pilates Exercise Videos

If you’re looking to create a sleeker and sexier you, turn on your DVD player and put in one of your Pilates exercise videos. You don’t need to worry about adding unwanted muscle with this workout, with Pilates, you will simply look more toned and defined. Ya, Pilates is a kind of workout that gives …

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May 07

Long Lasting Results with Exercise Videos

Every spring we become much more aware of our bodies and we find ourselves at the gym more often, or trying out a new exercise video to prepare for summer.   The truth of the matter is, you can be any size you want to be by the actions you take. By choosing to live …

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