Ok, who am I? Actually, I am being asked where I'm from, since I have an accent and people are curious. My answer to that is: I am from many places. And really that is how I feel. I am a Hungarian born and raised in Transylvania, is a real place :) but lived pretty much all my adult life in Canada. My background is versatile: worked as a dietary technician, as systems analyst,etc. Having fun, that's what matters :)

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Stop Premature Aging by Avoiding Sugar

Sugar makes you age faster

According to a  blog written about what dermatologist Dr. Patricia Farris , who specializes in studying skin aging, Study and research shows that the process of glycation or the process that happens when blood sugar is excessively high happens when your diet is composed mostly of sugar and refined carbohydrates. In short sugar speeds up the …

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CRT 2000 test

Up until a week ago I didn’t know what is the CRT 2000 test. Now I am a huge fan! My girlfriend called me up about 10 days ago that she needs somebody to babysit her little 8 month old while she will have a special test done some sort of body scan. She was …

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Natural Ways To Lose That Belly Fat

What is the best way to lose belly fat? With regards to finding the best diet for losing belly fat you’re going to need to look into the dieting program you are choosing to make certain that it fits your lifestyle and you will be able to follow and stick to i. The main reason …

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Keeping our figure and staying smart

Keeping your figure over age 40

Here is another great post by guest blogger Lisa Cleary: There’s no doubt, as our body slows down, going into coasting mode instead of overdrive, that it becomes ever more difficult to retain that great figure we had before we hit 40-something and had a close encounter with menopause. The days when we could eat …

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World-First Study Links Sunscreen Use to Youthful Skin

suntan lotion and youthfool skin

Here is a great article by my guest blogger Lisa Cleary. Please read it. Lots of good info. For most of us, sunscreen is a part of our daily facial cleansing and make-up routine; present in some of the best-selling creams, foundations and serums, it is also a welcome ingredient in some of the most …

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