Lower Back Pain – Easy Steps to Fix It

1. Lower Back Pain – realise Why

First  understand why you have lower back pain. Unless you have been in an accident, you are in pain because you eat too much, hardly exercise or don’t move properly. Issues such as posture, movement and strain all contribute to lower back pain.

2. Sleeping Properly = Less Back Pain

Ok, so this is quite  self-explanatory , but when you sleep you lie in one position for  long   periods of time. When a muscle is strained for long periods, it ends up becoming  inflamed   and  sore . Recurring issues  like this can lead to permanent muscle damage. You normally never have any control over it as you toss and turn while you sleep, but luckily  there are some things you can do.

3.  Pillows Help with Lower Back Pain 

Use your  usual   pillow for your head and neck support, but use another one for the lower half  of your body. Try  sleeping with a pillow  inbetween   your legs, under your back or abdomen. Try a few different  ways   until you feel that your lower back  has support  .

4.  Maintain   a good posture

Since we have just covered the sleeping part, its now time to focus on  the moments when you are awake . Minimising the  strain   and  load   upon your muscles will really reduce the level  of lower back pain.  You can do  this by having a chair and pillow (if necessary) that supports  your lower back. Also, make sure that your computer screen is  at the same level   with your eyes. This forces  you maintain a good posture. Put a few  books under your laptop computer and you’re sorted.

5. Stretch your Lower Back

This applies specially to those who work behind desks  all day. Stretch at least once every couple of hours. Standard lower back stretches can be found online, so go look them up and get stretching.

6. Heat fixes Lower Back Pain

Go to the chemist and get yourself one of those  wheat    heating   pads. Stick it in the microwave for a few minutes and apply to your lower back. The smell of the heat pad is a bit dodge , but the temporary  relief is awesome . You can also take a hot bath with Epsom salts. Epsom salts are great  for relieving muscle pain.

And there you have it, 6 really easy steps to a painless lower back. If none of these work go see a chiropractor or try this!

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      • Cynthia on February 11, 2012 at 9:28 pm

      Proper sleeping is one good way to avoid back pains and also maintaining a good posture in every activity even walking and sitting in the chair is important to maintain the healthy back.

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