Should You Get Your Partner To Diet With You At The Same Time?

Dieting if you are single can be a lot easier because the change in shopping requirements and the change in what you eat only affects you.    It is much more difficult to be on a diet if you have children or a partner because you need to consider their eating habits and cook two separate meals every day.

You also have to put up with the misery of seeing other people pig out on things like cake and crisps while you are there trying desperately to look like you are enjoying your stick of celery. All of this means in my opinion it is twice as hard to stick to a diet if your partner is not doing it with you.   It does become easier if your partner is on the diet journey with you, which is a plus point in your favor.

The moment your partner agrees to join you with the diet you will feel that you have emotional support as well as someone who can be with you in the kitchen when you do the cooking.  Don’t expect to get the kids involved, that would be more hassle than it was worth trying to change their eating habits, but at least now you can cook only the adult meals and child meals separately.

Getting your partner on board will not be easy though.   It is your choice to go on a diet not theirs, and they don’t want to miss out on their tasty evening meal and have it replaced with some diet concoction.  All that you can really do is to have a good chat with them and tell them that you do not feel part of the family by having to cook separate meals and eating by yourself.

It is with great hope that they will understand and if needs be ask them to enjoy just one such meal with you and not to eat unhealthy items while you are in the room.  If this is not working, you can always try to bribe them in a very nice manner of course.  You can do your bribery in the form of telling them that they can get the food they desire on weekends or even those electrical equipments they wish for so badly but only if you reach one of your weight goal targets.

If even that doesn’t work though then don’t give up, keeping your weight under control is vitally important if you want to stay healthy.   What is so nice about determination is that when you lost all of your weight you will be the one that will feel good about yourself while your partner will have to hang his or her head in shame for not supporting you they way they should have.

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