The Raw Food Diet – How to Begin Described

People looking to make a change in their life may look to start the raw food diet . The diet consists of unprocessed and uncooked foods, popular options include: sprouts, seeds, nuts, grains, beans, seaweed, and other fruits and vegetables. Food served warm is never heated above 116 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because many people believe that it destroys essential enzymes in the food which aids in digestion. Cooking food is also though to reduce the nutritional value of the food. When using a raw food diet, you want to make sure to maintain a 75% raw foods based diet .

Eating plant based foods is so beneficial to your body and more wholesome . One hard part of switching to a raw food diet is learning how to prepare meals, without indulging in things like alcohol, refined sugars, and caffeine. When starting the diet, the first thing to purchase is a dehydrator. People on the diet do not cook using a stove or oven, rather they use dehydrators to which give vegetables a crunch. Just make sure that the dehydrator does not get reach over 118 degrees fahrenheit .

Another thing people need to keep in mind, when starting a raw food diet, is what they hope to gain from changing their eating habits . Whether it is for health, weight loss, detox, or any reason, it is important to establish clear motives for starting the diet. This can make it easier to go grocery shopping, and keeping a kitchen stocked with needed food.

If you have a yard at home, you may want to look at starting a garden, as your source for fruits and vegetables for this diet . A garden can start small with just a few herbs, and gradually grow to a large garden full of ripe fruits and vegetables. For people starting the diet, a sunny windowsill can provide enough sun and space to experiment with growing a few things. Another thing for people to consider is to start their own compost bin. Food grown with homemade compost will have more nutrients, as opposed to store bought fruits and veggies.

One final thing for people to consider when starting a raw foods diet is to purchase a juicer . Juicing is a fast and easy way to get all the vitamins and enzymes provided by fruit, in a convent drink to take to work or school. Best of all, fruits and vegetables can be purchased at a raw food store, giving people access to the freshest ingredients for their juice. The raw food diet has several health benefits, and anyone with a little dedication can reap the benefits. People looking to make a change in their life should research the diet thoroughly before making a major change in their life.

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