Jet Lag Remedies – diet tips for travellers

 Jet lag remedies that work

How to eat to beat that dreaded jet lag

I find that there are people who like to travel and travel a lot and then those who did not get bit by the travel bug and only travel when necessary.  Personally, I love traveling. I just love going to places, checking out how others live, and of course compare.

No matter if I travel by car or by airplane, I always end up getting out of my normal routine when it comes to eating.  The worst is when I have a long flight or several connecting flights.  I came across this little video that I found informative and easy to watch and it`s all about how to eat to beat that jet lag.

The following tips are helpful and definitely increase your chances of shaking that jet lag faster and just feel better overall.

  • take extra vitamin C
  • drink lots of water
  • do not drink alcohol
  • eat lean protein meal
  • avoid sugar and complex carbs (such as donuts)
  • sleep if you can

My personal experience is that it takes some self discipline to stick to those great diet tips for travellers. I think my problem is, and maybe you are like me, is that once I am on that plane I am on vacation mode, and that means, it is time to indulge….so here we come, junk food and alcohol. Well at least I still take extra vitamin C (about 2000 mg) and I can do the protein meal no problem but most likely it won´t be lean :).

Anyway, I am supposed to just talk about the healthy stuff so here is that video I mentioned. Worth watching.

How about you? What do you eat and drink when traveling by air? Do you make a special effort to keep it healthy?


Leave a comment. I am curious what do you do and if you change your diet when you travel!



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