Superfoods to Boost Weight Loss

Superfoods to Boost Weight Loss

Don’t waste your money on cheap weight-loss gimmicks. Pills, super diets and machines that claim to help you lose weight without exercise dupe clients into believing that weight loss can be obtained with simple, quick fixes. Weight loss requires exercise, but more importantly, a proper diet.

Look into a fitness trainer degree and add proper exercise regime that is necessary for weightloss. But dont forget about the nutrition and portion control part of weightloss either. This is because weight loss is a three-step process: Finding the determination to lose weight, creating a proper exercise regiment and buying the proper foods to achieve a goal.

Without one step, individuals can expect to see poor weight-loss results. Still, some people want an edge and some foods, terms “superfoods” because they contain high amounts of nutrients and vitamins that can help improve health and boost weight loss. Here are a few of those superfoods:

  • Apples – Sweet, packed with fiber and just under 90 calories, this treat can help surpass your original goal. Since they contain 4 to 5 grams of fiber, eating one of these fruits before or after a meal can help put at bay any extra eating you might do. Fiber is considered a dieter’s dream partner. Fiber keeps an individual full longer and when eating foods rich in fiber and low in calories, like apples, helps curve hunger pains.
    What’s great about apples is they come in a variety of flavors – sour, sweet, or sweet and sour. These treats make for a great pick-me-up when you start to feel the hunger pains setting in.
  • Oatmeal/Whole Grain Cereal – Apples offer a solace for individuals needing a sugar fix. Whole grain cereal and oatmeal help provide the essential calories to start the day. Skipping breakfast can lead to higher calorie intakes later on in the day. Eating a bowl of oatmeal or whole grain cereal can help curb extra snacking.
    Of course, sugary cereals tend to use the guise of “a great source of fiber and whole grain,” but many deceive dieters. Aim for cereals with low-sugar levels and high-fiber percentages. For example, bran cereals with raisins have low sugar levels while adding in loads of fiber to a diet. Oatmeal lovers should avoid flavored prepackaged items, such as those with added brown sugar and cinnamon. Instead, buy plain oatmeal and add a pinch of brown sugar to sweeten the meal.
  • Fish – Fish contains plenty of protein and with low salt and sugar levels, makes for the perfect food for burning off extra fat. Salmon contains high levels of leptin, a hormone that controls the appetite. Having salmon a few times a week can elevate your body’s ability to control those nasty hunger pains that cause you to snack excessively. Nutritionist will rave about the omega-3 levels that fish has. Omega-3 controls the sugar levels in your body, leaving you less susceptible to chow down on a bucket of ice cream.
    Foods high in fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates tend to supplement an individual’s diet well. Foods packed with fiber will keep hunger pains away, while complex carbohydrates make the metabolism work hard thus burning more calories. For maximum results, mix in these healthy, superfoods with a healthy exercise regimen of 30 minutes or more of cardiovascular activity.


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