Anxiety and food

Natural remedy for anxiety and depression?

It’s Sunday morning and I started my day (after eating breakfast) surfing Facebook. I didn’t really plan on staying there for too long….like most of us I got side tracked and read a very moving article about depression and anxietyanxiety and food, beef bone broth, depression

I feel somewhat useless and helpless when it come to dealing with people with anxiety or depression. I realize that I am very lucky not to have suffered from these scary and very real diseases. My problem is that have no skills on dealing with or talking to people who are suffering…I feel very inadequate and I never seem to say the right thing so I just listen most of the time.

There are people who discount the seriousness of mental illness but in my experience most of the time they, just like me, don’t know how ot react or what to say when faced with the situation. We hear a lot about the stigma of mental illness and how most of those suffering feel shunned or even afraid to mention their problems because of the stigma. I personally wish there would be more education on how to deal with people who are close to us and need our support and help.

But I digress…..

Let’s talk about this natural, easy to make home remedy for depression and anxiety

When I was reading the article about anxiety and depression this morning I scrolled down and read the comments people left. Love reading comments…

anxiety natural remedyOne comment in particular grabbed my attention BIG time. It started like this: “I have suffered from anxiety, low self esteem, paranoia etc until recently when I started cooking homemade beef bone broth from organic beef bones on a slow cooktop for 48 hrs…”. Thank you Yvonne Forsman for posting your comment. You are helping a lot of people with your openness and willingness to share.

Yvonne shared her experience with Dr Mercola’s bone broth recipe. I love any kind of natural home remedy and this seems to be a classic.

If you suffer from anxiety, depression or any kind of mental illness please give it a try.

At worst you have some good tasting soup for a while.

Here is another place to check out a yummy bone broth recipe. Let me know if you tried both, which one you like better and why.

Please leave a comment. Have you heard of this remedy, have you tired it? I respond to every comment.




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