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Keeping our figure and staying smart

Keeping your figure over age 40

Here is another great post by guest blogger Lisa Cleary: There’s no doubt, as our body slows down, going into coasting mode instead of overdrive, that it becomes ever more difficult to retain that great figure we had before we hit 40-something and had a close encounter with menopause. The days when we could eat …

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World-First Study Links Sunscreen Use to Youthful Skin

suntan lotion and youthfool skin

Here is a great article by my guest blogger Lisa Cleary. Please read it. Lots of good info. For most of us, sunscreen is a part of our daily facial cleansing and make-up routine; present in some of the best-selling creams, foundations and serums, it is also a welcome ingredient in some of the most …

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Can Type 2 Diabetes Be Treated Without Medication?

Managing type 2 diabetes is a reality for 26 million Americans. To understand the ways you can manage diabetes without medications, you must consider the risk factors that may have contributed to the development of the condition to begin with. There are those who are genetically predisposed, and the risk of developing diabetes increases with …

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Diet Tips to Prevent Varicose Veins

Great Diet Tips to Prevent Varicose Veins Poor circulation in the legs can lead to unpleasant varicose veins. Unlike high-pressure, outbound arteries, veins carry low pressure blood back to the heart. They therefore contain one-way valves to prevent sluggish blood from backing up. Venous blood in legs has a particular challenge in moving against gravity. …

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How Exercise Helps Reduce Chances of Varicose and Spider Veins

varicos veins and exercise

Is it true that what goes up must always come down? For a ball, yes – but not for blood in the veins of your legs! There, blood returning to the heart is never meant to reverse its course, and one-way valves within them are meant to police the flow of ‘traffic.’ Over the years, …

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