Cooking for Special Occasions Can Bring Out the Best in You

cooking for a special occasion, Cooking healthyMost will agree that when we start cooking for a special occasion tension and stress starts to build up inside of us. The stress and tension comes from worrying about details like:

  • What is the best dish or set of dishes to serve for this occasion?
  • How many are coming?
  • What ingredients to get?
  • Where is the best store or grocery to but or purchase the ingredients?
  • Who might be allergic to what?

These together with other questions and trying to make it the best meal for that special occasion doesn’t have to stress you out. Planning and preparing for a special occasion can actually be fun, it can bring out your creativity and your ability to be organize and do well with the task. Follow some of the tips below to enjoy not only the special occasion but the actual cooking part too :).

Try to find out how many are coming for the occasion so you can prepare enough food. If you are uncertain about the number of guest coming it is always best to overestimate but not too much. Any extra food can always be used next day or frozen or you may ask the guest to take some home.

  • Choose simple and easy yet healthy and delicious meals starting with the appetizer to the main dish to the dessert.
  • It is always best when you are not rushed. A lot of us like to procrastinate and wait till the last minute before we do what we need to do. If some parts of your dish can be prepared hours or days ahead, than do it.
  • Avoid trying out new recipes especially if you plan to make it on the very day of the said occasion. It is always best to try out new recipes when you are not rushed and you have time to do adjustments to make the dish right.

Help is just a click away, many sites on the internet have many recipes that you can pick from. Again opt for simple yet delicious and healthy meals to prepare. What would be the point of going to all the trouble of cooking a fancy dish if it will just cause you to stress out and later on not enjoy your guests company because you are too tired.

The important thing when cooking for a special occasion is that not only the guest enjoys your food and the company but you, the host should also enjoy not just cooking for the occasion but being there.

Special occasions are suppose to be a time we look forward to being together with family and friends. You can eliminate or avoid the stress and tension of having to cook for a special occasion if you just stick to the tips given above. The key is planning properly and allowing as much time as possible.

Please leave a comment and let me know how do you deal with the cooking for special occasions.

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    1. 100% agree about the avoiding new recipes when cooking for other people. That has sometimes led to disaster for me and I’ve certainly learned my lesson.

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