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Natural Ways To Lose That Belly Fat

What is the best way to lose belly fat? With regards to finding the best diet for losing belly fat you’re going to need to look into the dieting program you are choosing to make certain that it fits your lifestyle and you will be able to follow and stick to i. The main reason …

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Funny but realistic video on women and heart attack

Young women can get a heart attack? Do you think you have to be old (or middle aged) and out of shape to get a heart attack? Think again. Watch this funny video … it tells you what signs to watch for if you are having a heart attack.  Please share with girlfriends/women/men in your …

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Stop Stressing Out – Basic Get Healthy Tips You Can Do Today

Quite a few people are so consumed by trying to live a healthy life that in the end they actually inhibit themselves to be able to live a healthy lifestyle. This is because stressing out is counter intuitive to any efforts that you might be making toward improving your own health.There are online schools offering …

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Preserve Your Health Choose To Be Healthy Then Quit Smoking

Anti-smoking advocates have been very active in campaigning for their cause. A number of “No Smoking” signs proliferate everywhere. A lot of smokers try to ignore this signage likewise ignores the danger behind smoking. Quitting smoking is not easy. To succeed in this endeavour it takes commitment, determination and self-discipline. Quitting smoking helps the body …

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Melt belly fat by activating this gene

melt your fat with the rescue gene

You may have this gene. It may be turned “off” right now… in fact it probably is. There’s a problem with that: This gene helps you melt off bodyfat. It would be pretty nice to turn that sucker on, right? Here’s an article on… 1. What SIRT1 is; 2. How you can “turn it on” …

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