Aging is not optional but having fun is….

Do you we really have to kill ourselves at the gym and go on miserable diets to be happy and fit as we age?


These ladies have way too much fun. Love the fact that they got the skipping rope out just as when they were little girls and started playing and even showing off.

Who says you cannot skip rope on the street when you are in your seventies or so….It is usually only our minds and perceptions that stop us and our bodies …

It seems that these lovely ladies have flexible minds and flexible and fit bodies at an advanced age. Something most of us are striving for.

Now what is the secret?

Personal trainers? …. Hmmm…Don’t think so…

Vegan diet?……Hmmm…Not that either

Diet pills, right? Going to the gym? No carb diet? Crossfit training? ….

You find the answer…..

Enjoy 🙂

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