Atkins or No Carbohydrate Diet

Atkins Diet

One of today’s well-know diet is the less or no carbs diet, also known as the Atkins Diet. This particular diet is quite controversial and has received a lot of criticism because the whole concept of this diet is about the elimination or very minimal intake of carbs.

In the begining Atkins diet focuses largely the extreme reduction of carbohydrates in the diet but today, much emphasis is also placed in trying to incorporate fitness and exercise for a more successful weight loss rather than just cutting out the carbohydrate intakes.

If you are considering using the Atkins Diet to lose weight, it is very essential that you  have the correct information about how the diet works. Facts to consider are:

  • Human Body uses calories for energy.
  • When extra calories are not burned it turns into excess weight or fat.
  • Losing weight is the result of burning the extra calories that your body needs for energy.

To put it simply, take in calories only that you can burn otherwise those calories that don’t get burned will surely turn into excess weight. Again this is because many think that if they eliminate carbs in their diet then they will surely lose the weight, this is a misconception because even if you totally eliminate carbs in your diet but your calorie intake will exceed what you can burn the pounds are sure to pile on. Another way of putting it is that not all calories will come from carbs.

Atkins Diet or eliminating carbs from food intake works because most carbohydrates contain complex sugars which the body will burn or use up before it will burn the calories. So the logic here is that if there are no carbohydrates containing complex sugar that the body will burn than it will burn the calories instead. In a diet where there are many carbohydrates, the body will burn the complex sugar first, so the calories are untouched and they become stored energy or stored fats.

To get the maximum result for the Atkins Diet the following should be kept in mind:

  • It is a lifelong commitment
  • Sacrifices have to be made
  • Change in food intake
  • Continuous fitness regimen

The Atkins Diet has produced mixed reactions. Those who have tried it, and have followed the diet diligently and have great results, like it and have only praises on the effectiveness of the diet but for those who cannot seem to do with out carbs seem to think that sacrificing carbohydrates is not it. To find out for yourself if this diet works or not for you just try it. You have nothing to lose.



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