Burn Fat not Muscles

3_hour_dietThere are two major reasons why you would want to lose excess pounds, it is either you want to look good and feel good or usually it has something to do with health issues. But whatever reasons you might have, one answer everyone will give you is diet. Most people associate dieting with hunger. This is because most think that eating is the culprit in gaining weight. Though what you eat does play a big part in gaining weight eating isn’t the major reason why you gain weight. In fact, a new diet called the 3 Hour Diet is the exact opposite of this false theory that “the more you eat, the more you gain weight.” In the 3 Hour Diet, you need to eat every three hours to lose weight, but you can’t just eat whatever you like. Facts about the human body on why the 3 Hour diet works:

  • The human body needs to feed regularly and accurately to have energy.
  • The human body that is not fed regularly will go into “starvation mode”.
  • When the human body is in “starvation mode” it will burn muscles for energy instead of fat.

In the 3 Hour Diet “starvation mode” is avoided thus the body will burn the fat rather than the muscles, whereby when you lose fat than you lose weight. The success of this diet greatly depends on three things:

  • Right kind of food you eat
  • The commitment you have in achieving your desired weight.
  • Sticking to the three-hour timetable

The 3 Hour Diet is a brain child of Jorge Cruise who is well known and a mainstay in the fitness industry. This diet program is effective for those who:

  • Want to lose weight but hates avoiding food.
  • Have a busy and hectic schedule.
  • Are committed to eating the right kind of food every three hours.

For those seriously considering this diet program, it is greatly advised to get a copy of the book by Jorge Cruise, called the 3 Hour Diet. The book is a great aid because it contains:

  • Helpful hints, tricks and tips to help you stick to the diet program no matter how busy your schedule or lifestyle is.
  • Facts to consider like what is the current weight and the weight that needs to go off.

This diet is very effective for those who are serious about  the goal of losing weight. This will only happen  if you eat the right kinds of food and you keep to the time table of eating every three hours. For best results, read the book called The 3-Hour Diet authored by Jorge Cruise and sign up online for more information about the weight plan itself and how to work it into your busy lifestyle.

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