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Anxiety and food

anxiety natural remedy

Natural remedy for anxiety and depression? It’s Sunday morning and I started my day (after eating breakfast) surfing Facebook. I didn’t really plan on staying there for too long….like most of us I got side tracked and read a very moving article about depression and anxiety.  I feel somewhat useless and helpless when it come …

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Fat Burning Foods – And how to work them into your Diet Plan

I really like this article. It provides a list of fat burning foods to incorporate in our everyday diet. Great tips. This is a must read if you are serious about trimming your belly or simply want to burn more fat. Nutrition is so important when it comes to weight management and looking good, and …

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Belly Fat Loss for Women – Techniques that Work

You might have done some extreme diets (unfortunately, I have…) where you eliminate one food group entirely (most likely carbs) for quite a long period of time and most likely got some results. But how realistic is that? I ask you: Were you able to sustain that for a very long period? Probably not, and …

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3 day belly trimming diet plan

Are you running out of ideas on what to eat in order to trim that belly? Here is a quick healthy menu for 3 days. Check it out. It’s full of great belly trimming, slimming dishes and foods that you will like. Easy to follow. Source: Youtube Related Blogs

How to Trim Your Belly Fat Without Working Out

The gym is not for you? It is proven what you eat has a lot more bearing on whether you loose weight or not than how much you exercise. That is not to take away from the importance of being active. You will be surprised at some of the foods present on this list. I …

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