Change Lifestyle Instead of a Diet

Some words are commonly associated with other words like when we say “lose weight” immediately the words like “diet” and “exercise” come to mind but these words “diet” and “exercise” are also easily associated with words like “failure” and “impossible”. This is exactly why we should adapt the concept ofLifestyle change“Changing Lifestyle Instead a Diet.” That way, you are still aiming to shed those unwanted excess pounds and lose weight but starting with the right attitude.

Most of us when we get on a diet program even before we begin we are already bound for failure since we almost always associate diet with failing or thinking

it is an impossible task. More than 50% of the times we start on a diet and we end up failing because of the following:

  • Eating is an addiction for a lot of people.
  • Many people use eating as an excuse either to cope with stress or as a reward for doing something good.
  • Dieting means eliminating eating certain kinds of food.
  • The feeling of deprivation when certain food is not allowed in a diet.

In the quest for losing unwanted pounds, there is a more realistic possibility of being successful if you change your lifestyle and the way you give meaning to the food you eat than just starting another diet plan that is mostly likely to fail.

Change your attitude towards food and change your lifestyle. Here are some steps you can use to start:

  • Find a strong but realistic motivation like improving your health.
  • Set simple daily goals like eating more servings of vegetables and less dessert. (instead of two slices of chocolate cake, settle for 1 slice)
  • If food is your way of rewarding yourself for a job well-done, find a substitute like going to the spa instead of getting a scoop of your favorite ice cream.
  • If eating is your coping mechanism for stress or depression, try substituting it with going to the gym or going for a walk or running.

Condition yourself that changing your lifestyle will not happen overnight and it will take a lot of patience. Sliding back to your old habits doesn’t mean you should just give up right away. Again changing lifestyle will take a lot of commitment and dedication and that it’s ok to slip once in awhile as long as you get back up and be more aggressive and determined when you try again.

Most of all, don’t view your lifestyle change in a negative way, instead tell yourself you want to be a better you. If you “fall off the wagon” you can always start again tomorrow but always aim to be “on the wagon” more days in a week than being off.

Always look for the positive results that you have made through your change in lifestyle because when you notice the good things you only see success and not failure.


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