Acai Berry – One of Oprah’s Top 10 Superfoods

Oprah featured Acai Berry on her show as one of the 10 superfoods that is being promoted by Dr. Perricone. And study shows that this fruit is one of the world’s healthiest and powerful foods.

Acai (ah-sigh-ee) berries came from a special palm tree in the Amazon. It tastes like a delicious blend of berries and chocolate. It also contains a lot of antioxidants, amino acids and the necessary fatty acids. This berry may not be available in a local market. However, it may be offered in several health supplements and gourmet stores.

Another merchandise of acai berry features unsweetened pulp; it has more nutrients in comparison to its conventional juice form. And this new product is highly recommended by Oprah and Dr. Perricone.

Acai berry pulp also fights  premature aging, because it has a strong concentration of antioxidants . Its antioxidant level is 10 times richer than the content of red grapes and has 10 to 30 times more the anthocyanins of red wine. These antioxidants help make your skin soft, polish, and supple. And has the power to reverse some wrinkle lines.

Just like olive oil and other healthy oils like grapeseed and canola. The fatty acid found in acai berry has more monounsaturated oleic acid. And this type of acid assists foods with omega-3 rich oils like fish oils pass through the cell membrane, and keeping the cell membranes get more flexible, thus making insulin receptors, neurotransmitters and hormones performance better.

It is important since having a high level of insulin results in an inflammatory state and might trigger an early ageing  . Additionally, study shows that oleic acid helps in slowing down the development of heart disease. 

One amazing use of oleic acid is its use as a component in Lorenzo’s oil. Lorenzo’s oil is a medicine made to prevent adrenoleukodystrophy or ADL from starting.

ADL is a condition where the myelin sheaths of the body are attacked causing symptoms the same as that in multiple sclerosis. Even though Lorenzo’s oil doesn’t cure the condition; it helps delay the development of the disease in those not yet showing its symptom.

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