Belly fat weight loss

Belly fat is the most stubborn, exercise and diet resistant area of your body.

It is wishful thinking believing you can lose weight on demand only in certain areas of our body. You cannot control where the weight loss occurs. Belly fat weight loss is not easy and sometimes it feels as if it’s right down impossible, but it’s not.

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belly fat weight loss

Blame your parents
When you start burning fat for energy actually losing real weight, you will be losing it from all areas of your body.  The first place you tend to put fat on will be the last place it comes off. There is a genetical explanation for this. You have those “stubborn” areas because each of us is born with a genetic pattern of fat storage. This is comparable to inheriting a certain eye color or hair color or certain height, etc. Women  tend to have more difficulty losing (but not gaining..) weight around the hips, thighs, and belly area. Men usually have the beer belly, lower abdomen fat accumulation problems. Belly fat weight loss is an issue for both sexes, no exception.

Doing a lot of sit-ups will help, right?

No, not really. It will help strengthening your abs but they will still be covered by fat. Why? Because the only way you burn fat is through aerobic exercise. Meaning you have to be huffing and puffing and get your heart rate up in order to burn fat and lose weight.  It is still recommended you do sit-ups because having strong abs will help with your posture and that in return helps keep a straight back and avoid back pain. Oh, and another important thing, better posture helps you look slimmer.

Now, if you think that you should go hard and do cardio only until you lose the weight, you’re mistaken. What you need for belly fat weight loss is to have a balanced workout plan of aerobic exercise and weight training. Weight lifting will build your muscles and lean muscles will raise your metabolic rate helping  you burn more fat.

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