Cooking Tips: How To Prepare Your Rice

Regardless of your age or gender, knowing a thing or two about cooking can be very assistive. Being knowledgeable on how to cook can be a great asset to you if you are someone who lives by yourself and doesn’t wish to expend a lot of money on your meals, and particularly if you are a college student or doing something synonymous. This article on cooking tips for rice will teach you a few things if you are a person concerned in cooking economical but tasty delicacies.

Rice is a staple food in most Asian nations, and has the ability to be made in a variety of methods (as what any chef school would point out as well). So there is no unique answer to the query on cooking rice. When talking about how to cook rice, we must emphasize on the fact that there are various forms or rice, with several textures, colorings, and flavors, and the way of preparing them sometimes deviates somewhat according to the type of rice you are using.

There are two methods when talking about about how to cook rice. The first method is to steam the rice till it is soft and sticky to your taste. The process of how to cook rice according to the first method is as follows: get the preferred amount of rice grains; commonly a person can get one and half times the quantity of rice after it is cooked. Put the rice in the rice cooker after washing and add water to it. The measure of water you add differs from the type of rice you are using, and the desired moisture of the rice. Almost all of the rice cookers have indexes to give the user with the info on the amount of water you should put for a certain quantity of rice.

The next technique when considering how to cook rice is to steam it as mentioned before, and then to add with vegetables and meat and fry them all together. When rice is steamed, it can be eaten without any accompanying dishes, unlike when rice is prepared according to the first method, which makes it necessary to have at the least one accompanying dish in order to avert any discomfort when eating. But on the other hand there can be more diversity with the first method as one can have many other dishes with it, whereas it is viable for the seond way to be monotonous. Therefore the cooking tips and methods for preparing rice counts on your needs.

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