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Hey everyone, Yuri Elkaim back with another episode of ask Yuri and we are talking about Interval training here is the question. Can you tell me the different forms of intervals that i can do as my treadmill has broken down and I am not having access to another one and I am also not having any other belt . May be you are running stairs, if there are along with equal benefits as of Treadmill workouts, what if I use cardio, jumping over the rope and something like that.

Ok, so intervals, interval training doesn’t have to be done just like on cardio machines . You can do intervals on weights, right and can do intervals of weights; basically it is a circuit training workout . You can follow interval protocols of 30 seconds workout and 30 seconds rest back and forth, you have a better option such as body weight workouts in which you can go for squats, lunges, pushups, pull-ups .

If you want to poke some of the cardio stuffs running stairs is awesome, right you can run up on up line the stairs and come down, you can go up line stairs and come down lots of ways you can do it . Jumping rope is exactly the same stuff; you have to do hard to 10 seconds and recovery for 30, hard to 10 seconds recovery to 30, hard to 10 seconds and recovery to 30 exactly the same protocols . You can do stuff like running on high knees or just running outside, I mean running outside is running on treadmill. High knees, jumping jack, any other cardio machine, bite, elliptical, rover all those protocols you can do on those machines. Very basic one is like 10 seconds halt 30 seconds recovery and you know, if you are not doing on the treadmill you still get benefit from the high intensity work in any other deliver where you are moving your body. You can use cannon belts, right, cannon belt swings, and you know all sorts of stuffs.

Yes, so you can use stairs, jumping rope, jumping jack, high knees, running heels anything you can think off, ok, were you can get high intensity, recover, high intensity, recover that is pretty much you are looking for. If you want some really really cool interval training workouts that are not specific for the treadmill but for outdoors as well check out my treadmill trainer workouts, or Ipod running workouts, I am on your headphones letting you know when to get speed up and when to get speed down with some awesome music in the background and you can use outdoors on your treadmill, even if you like it. So, website is right here, check it, best interval running workouts hands down, you are saving yourself, see you then.

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