Get rid of belly fat – Warnings on what not to eat and how not to exercise

This article is a bit controversial. Nevertheless, I think it’s a great read and one should be open to different opinions. I tend to agree with the author that we are “sold” all the health food supplements and not all are beneficial to us or perform how we expect them.

What I also like about this article is that it has a cool abs workout video below it. Watch it. I am incorporating this in my exercise routine as of today. Jelly Belly NO More!

If you ever wanted to lose unhealthy belly fat fast this may be the most important information you ever read:

Hey I’m Hamish: fitness fanatic and keen reviewer of the best there is to know about exercises for abs. My quest is to find out the best to great a toned, slim and sexy midsection and pass that info directly to you here.

Anyway, I’ve come across some incredible information I know will work wonders for your waistline just like it did for mine.

Just before I get into the details about this cool resource I going to share five key elements to understand if you want to get rid of you belly now and forever:

1. Most health food is actually rubbish packaged as something good for you. Don’t believe the hype! I’ll tell you more about how the health food industry is actually keeping you fat below.

2. Those old staple ab exercises like the situp and crunch are basically pointless when it comes to the manipulating the one factor that keeps you sluggish and bulging at your waistline. Click the link below to find out why.

3. You can give up the stupidly lame cardio grinder sessions – they don’t flatten your stomach. I’ll show you how to get more bang for your buck by making your cardio session shorter. Find out exactly how below.

4. Your precious fat-burning supplements are likely to be doing nothing more than burning a hole in your pocket. Click the link below and I’ll dispel the hype around fat-burning pills and potions and tell what to take and when to take it. This info alone could end up saving you thousands.

5. Infomercial ab machine are a complete waste of time and money. No one can burn stomach flab will sitting on the couch. And forget trying to look like the people in the ads who are actually demonstrating the ridiculous contraptions – they’ve specifically trained for years to look that way. However, there are short cuts and ways to use a few weird strategies to burn more fat more often while doing virtually nothing. Once more, find out what truly works below:

Exercises For Abs

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