Knotweed Resveratrol

There are many forms of resveratrol used today to help in the anti-aging process. One of those forms is knotweed resveratrol. The knotweed is known as the Japanese knotweed grown abundantly in Japan. It can also be found in China, Korea, Canada, the UK, and in 39 of our 50 US states. Knotweed resveratrol is useful because the weed can be grown in any climate, and is found in so many places. This makes it easy to get when needed.

The phytoalexin that is the base of resveratrol pill is also proved to lower blood sugar levels while giving you many cardiovascular benefits from this supplement intake. The study using this substance with diabetic rats shows that resveratrol helps balance out the levels of blood glucose, glycosylated hemoglobin, plasma insulin and helps to level the activity of enzymes that are responsible for the metabolizing of carbohydrates inside the liver. The kidney tissue also showed signs of improvement after the administration of the studied substance.

It would seem at this time that a lower Resveratrol dosage is more beneficial than the higher mega-doses. It is suggested that Resveratrol remains active in the body for nine to ten hours. Accordingly, a small dose a couple of times a day has less potential for harmful side effects than larger mega-doses of Resveratrol.

Women are excited about resveratrol in treating cancer of the breast. Scientists from the University of Nebraska discovered resveratrol cancer treatments inhibit estrogen from causing cancer, in test tube experiments. By decreasing the production of estrogen, cancerous breast tumors are not activated.

With clinical studies still restricted primarily to dosage in mice and insects, there have been no definitive standards set for human dosage. Studies conducted on humans for Resveratrol dosage remain limited, so established guidelines have not yet been produced.

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