Learn To Remove Wrinkles At Home

How to Remove Wrinkles on Your Face and Neck

You may as well accept the fact that wrinkle formation is a part of life. You can, however, fight back…if you know how! Before we look at ways to get rid of wrinkles, let’s look at why they formed in the first place.

Know the best way to remove wrinkles and how to avoid it even if you are above 35. It’s not too difficult to remove it. Some simple steps can be very effective in removing it.   Wrinkles form because of three things that happen as we age. Exploring each one will help you to better understand wrinkle formation.

The first factor is the free radicals that are formed on your skin from exposure to sunlight. Free radicals are your skin’s worst enemy because they attack and damage the cells. Free radical damage normally first appears as crow’s feet around the corner of your eyes. You can limit the damage from free radicals by always wearing sun screen when you go outside.

Your skin contains a protein known as collagen which controls it elasticity. Once you pass the age of 30, your natural production of collagen will begin to diminish. You can keep your skin looking much younger by using a good skin care cream that contains collagen.

Elastins are another protein that is used to bind your skin’s dermal layers together. As time passes and these elastins begin to dry and become brittle, folds will begin to appear on your skin. It is important to use an effective moisturizer to limit elastin issues.

To be effective, your skin care product should contain some other things. To eliminate free radicals, anti-oxidant (vitamins A & E) have to be included. A good skin tightening ingredient (ie: serum albumen) is also highly recommended. And, finally, using a skin care product that has things that will help stimulate natural collagen production, such as Matrixyl, is the “icing on the cake”.


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