Strengthen youre Body with Pilates Exercise Videos

If you’re looking to create a sleeker and sexier you, turn on your DVD player and put in one of your Pilates exercise videos. You don’t need to worry about adding unwanted muscle with this workout, with Pilates, you will simply look more toned and defined. Ya, Pilates is a kind of workout that gives definition to a beautiful woman’s curves and simply put, makes a woman look like she is strong and fit and soft and feminine all at the same time.

Besides toning and sculpting your core, Pilates will create a new “Body Awareness” to your body that can only truly be appreciated once you experience it for yourself. Because while exercise can make you stronger, Pilates does that while giving you better posture, and a stronger sense of self that seems to create a radiance that makes people appear more alive. Yes, exercise can give you chiseled abs, but Pilates takes it a step further by incorporating the entire body into the workout to give you an overall healthier look. That’s one of the biggest reasons famous models are doing Pilates three or four times each week, it is giving them beautiful curves without having bulky muscles.

Part of the beauty of Pilates is that it exercises your body and your mind, so it makes perfect sense that this form of exercise is going to give you a natural glow. Pilates, much like Yoga spends quite a bit of time on breathing and correct posture which will naturally give you more control over your body and allow you to move more effectively. Weight lifting primarily focuses on how many repetitions you complete and with how much weight while Pilates focuses on the proper execution of every move – this type of attention to detail allows many participants to experience better results with less injury.

Pilates “claim to fame” is how it strengthens the core, which is your back, buttocks and abdominal area. And since the torso is crucial to the way we move our bodies, it makes sense that this would be a critical part of our body to keep strong and fit. Whether you have been working out for years or you are just getting back into it, Pilates can be modified for anyone regardless of your age, fitness level or any special limitations you may have.

  By practicing just a few minutes a day you really can start to transform your body, and since there is no expensive gym equipment needed, you could start right now. Yes, you really can do Pilates – you can have sculpted abs. It’s time to stop thinking about what you want and do something about it – get your favorite Pilates exercise video and start moving towards what you want. Start creating those beautiful long and lean muscles that make you feel amazing (and just a little sexy!)

Here are some exercise videos that are sure to help your workouts at home.

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