The Importance Of Warming Up Before Exercising

Warming up is always a necessary step before going into a full course work-out.This is both, advocated by most of the professional trainers and followed by millions of people, who indulge in workouts around the globe.

However, not many people (outside of professionals) know the exact importance of warming up before an exercise.Whether your warm up consists of a bit of stretching or a quick bout of cardio, (be it running, jogging or swimming) warming up is necessary if you want to make sure that your exercise routine is as effective and as efficient as possible. Warming up before exercise is one of the basic topics covered in sports medicine schools.

Here are only a handful of examples why warming up is so important:

Injury Prevention

The avoidance of cramps and other similar injuries are some of the most commonly known reasons for warming up before exercising.Moreover, the body and the muscles are like engines, and hence if they are properly warmed up, they will be able to reach their maximum capacity more easily.

Also, if a muscle is suddenly strained without warming up, it may quickly contract and hence cause muscle injuries.The warming up ensures that the same muscles that you want to grow or strengthen are amply toned up, and less prone to injury, before you start exercising.

Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion

Warming up also improves the flexibility and agility of the muscles and hence in them absorbing the impact of exercise better. This is one of the definitive reasons why you see professional athletes warming up and stretching before a game.

Warming up exercises literally warm up the muscles and owing to this heat, the muscles can expand easily and the joints also get loosed, thus allowing more flexibility.Stretching exercises are also similar, since they help the muscles in becoming “awakened” , it also adjusts and readies for the activity that lies ahead.

Improve Blood Circulation

The body blood circulation also increases due to the warm up, and this is helpful during your other exercises.It raises the heart rate just enough so your heart isn’t suddenly jolted into activity when the meat of your routine starts.The higher heart rate also improves the blood circulation rate of your body.

As blood travels to the vital organs and muscles, it will more quickly and efficiently deliver the oxygen you need to be able to perform as required.Moreover, the increase of blood temperature due to warm up also helps the active muscles to more quickly and easily assimilate the oxygen that blood transports to them.

Better Physical and Mental Alertness

One of the benefits of warming up before a working is that it gets the body ready for the routine ahead. As mentioned earlier, it gets the muscles ready by loosening and warming them up.However, not many people realize that it is also prepares your mind.
Exercise, as many professional trainers and athletes will agree, is as mental as it is physical.The warming up exercises conditions the mind and readies it for the rest of the exercises that are going to follow the warm up.The more aware state will help the mind in more effective communication with the body.

Motivation and willpower are important facets to have when exercising. And they can only be attained with a prepared mind, as well as a prepared body.

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