What Is The Importance Of Cardio Exercise

whatever your wellness and fitness routine, it will not be truly complete unless it incorporates an element of cardiovascular.


cardio matters because it helps to burn calories and raises your fat burning capacity. If you’ve upped your calorie intake in a bid to raise your muscle mass, the right amount of cardiovascular will help to guarantee those extra calories don’t end up as additional fat deposits.


although many fear that too much cardio will lessen the amount of muscle mass they have, this isn’t strictly true. In fact reducing your level of body fat will improve your muscle definition, creating them seem bigger. cardio can also make your muscle workouts slightly less complicated by increasing your stamina, allowing you to lift for longer before fatigue sets in. It will also help to lower blood strain, stress and improve circulation, benefiting both your mind and your body.


The other great matter about cardiovascular is that it helps you add variety to your workout routine. While performing endless reps to build individual  muscle groups can quickly become tiresome, cardio gives an pretty much endless variety of ways to burn extra calories and enhance your fitness degree. From heading for a run to playing a game of tennis, enjoying a round of golf or swimming a few lengths of your local pool, getting your cardio need not involve spending any more time at the gym.


The single greatest benefit of cardio is that it will strengthen your heart, generating it more efficient and significantly reducing your risk of creating heart disease later on in life.


With levels of Type 2 diabetes fast increasing throughout the population, cardio exercise has another role to play. It can help your body to use its existing insulin more effectively and delay or even eradicate the onset of this condition even in those individuals that seem predisposed to it.


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    1. Cardio circuit machines will help you burn about 500 calories in an hour if you stick to a moderate to intense fat burning workout, the equivalent of doing a 5-mile road run. For variety, try doing 20 minutes each on three different types of machines for an intense hour of activity.

    2. In general, cardio fitness training includes two types of workouts: slow and steady cardio and high intensity cardio. Walking is the prime example of a slow and steady program that will be low intensity, long duration (45 to 90 minutes), and will burn fat not carbs. The second type, high intensity, is short duration (20+ minutes) and will burn off carbs first, then get to the fat burn phase. You can do one or the other, or a combination of both, but whichever you choose will be a matter of your personal preferences, your current health situation, and your lifestyle.

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