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Ladies: How to Eat Healthy Over 40

It is easy to just grab something on the run to eat not thinking about the long-term consequences. We have all done it but after we pass the magical age of 40 our bodies will show our bad eating habits a lot faster. This is a major reason the learn how to eat healthy over …

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Nutrition pyramid for busy people….

I came across this nutrition pyramid and thought it was funny. Let me know if you like it also. Sometimes we get too serious about our health and diets….This nutrition pyramid might apply to a lot of people not just students. Does it apply to you? Source: Remote Image Related Blogs

Male Over 40 Muscle Building Nutrition Tips

Just because you are over 40 doesn’t mean you cannot get the body you wish for. Yes! It is not too late to look buff and attractive. The ladies will love it. If you are in a relationship let me tell you she will more then appreciate having a cool guy to show off. If …

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Jet Lag Remedies – diet tips for travellers

┬áJet lag remedies that work How to eat to beat that dreaded jet lag I find that there are people who like to travel and travel a lot and then those who did not get bit by the travel bug and only travel when necessary. ┬áPersonally, I love traveling. I just love going to places, …

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Diet Tips to Prevent Varicose Veins

Great Diet Tips to Prevent Varicose Veins Poor circulation in the legs can lead to unpleasant varicose veins. Unlike high-pressure, outbound arteries, veins carry low pressure blood back to the heart. They therefore contain one-way valves to prevent sluggish blood from backing up. Venous blood in legs has a particular challenge in moving against gravity. …

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