Bid Adieu to Binge Eating

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Bid Adieu to Binge Eating

Have you spent hours at the gym and are seeing just a little bit of your workout showing up on your body? You surely know this is not going to end up in a big way! Yes, that too because of your own fault! Wondering what is being talked about? Binge eating – which has been a favorite habit of yours since childhood. However, the prospect of losing weight is still not that gloomy, as the given points will guide you how you can keep a check on binge eating:

Know your moods

Since every person has a particular reason or mood when the situation triggers him or her to reach out for comfort food, it is best that you understand your binge pattern. Analyze when you tend to binge on chips or that tempting bar of chocolate. Find out alternatives like ringing up a friend to share feelings or switching on the stereo to lighten a low mood. There are options galore.

Recording what you eat

Simply cutting calories helps but this is a notch higher. Make a list of what you consume daily. Mark them as oily or rich. Once you see how much unhealthy food goes in daily, you shall automatically restrain from them. This is the way human mind functions. However, for this, you must be dedicated to lose weight.

Better Alternatives

Do you always end up ruining your diet after a bash at a friend’s place or after a visit to you aunt who bakes lovely muffins? If either of the two has received a nod, then it is time you stuck to other alternatives that does not involve the consumption of food. Go in for low calorie cookies once in a while. Avoid oily food at get togethers. Plan a menu that is rich on salads and the like. You need not give up dining out, simply control what you eat. Instead of chocolates eat almonds. There are a thousand doors that open when one shuts. The same goes for recipes and food items too.

Eat everything once in a while; just make sure you do not go on munching. Of course controlling binge eating habits take a lot of time. These tricks shall only help you do it faster.

Brenda Lyttle is a health expert who began writing for publications in her community in 2005 and now commands an authority in writing on healthy living, diet pills, anti-aging, and acne treatment related topics.

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