Tips to Create Cheap and Easy Meals

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The costs of feeding a family keep going up and up these days.    It seems like we can blow hundreds of dollars a week at a grocery store.   Would you like to know the strategy to cheap and easy recipes?  Well, it’s not really a secret; it’s just good planning that makes your dollar stretch further.


It’s what ingredients you have in your pantry that determines how far your food supplies will go.  I you properly stock your pantry, you will avoid having to go to the grocery store every few days.   Keeping these items on hand will allow you to plan cost effective meals.


  1. Rice – You can buy rice in bulk for a little money and with some imaginative cooking, really make it do some heavy duty work in the kitchen. First off , think beyond the side dish.  Stir in frozen veggies for a substantial dinner accompaniment. Add in some sliced meat, vegetables and fry it up in a large pan and you have homemade fried rice. Mix up rice with spices or a can of soup and some meat and use it in one dish casserole that can even be frozen. 
  2. Flour – flour is a starter for many cheap and easy recipes.  It’s the foundation for biscuits, bread, rolls and gravy. Flour is a must for any baking recipes like cakes or cookies.  Making your desserts can really save money. 
  3. Spices –   Having a selection of spices on hand is a great frugal meals tip. Spices will literally “spice” up a bland dinner or help you re-use leftovers and turn them into a new meal.  When stocking your spice cabinet, look beyond salt and pepper and experiment with the spices of different cuisines like Italian, Chinese and Indian .
  4. Pasta – Boxed pasta can be used in many different ways.   A big bowl of pasta is very filling and is easy to make.  Blend in a great sauce or cook up some vegetables and some meat and the pasta is the basis for a substantial dish.  A stuffed pasta dish like lasagne makes a great meal and you can make a large enough tray to freeze for later.  
  5. Beans – Beans are a great all around because they are inexpensive and an excellent source of protien.  And for some great frugal meals, think beyond baked beans.   Add beans as salad toppers, make a black bean dip or soup, our add to rice, another staple and you have a complete dish.  


Are these food staples in your kitchen? Take advantage of sales at the store and stock up on these long-lasting kitchen basics so you can create cheap and easy recipes all week long.

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