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detox healthBy now we all know that our environment is not serving us as well as it used to serve our ancestors and it’s actually harming us in many ways. I guess we only have ourselves to blame for. So what is detox health, you ask? Well, it’s detoxifying for health and to boost your wellness.
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Our bodies naturally detoxify to maintain a baseline for health. However, you can boost our health, general wellness and energy levels with detox programs. Working in harmony with your body detoxification can help flush out harmful toxins.

Benefits of detoxification are huge and include:

  • disease prevention
  • facilitates weight loss
  • increased energy
  • decrease joint pain
  • managing anxiety and irritability
  • minimizes the frequency of headaches, colds,
  • better digestive health, reducing constipation and bloating
  • much, much more..

Detoxification involves dietary and lifestyle changes that reduce the intake of toxins while improving elimination.  There are many detox or cleansing kits and programs available and you might have tried some of them already but my suggestion is to visit a naturopathic doctor to get a detox program set up for your unique needs.

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