Trim your stomach with belly dancing

I just love this video series. I am adding the second one for those, and I am among them, who would like to have a bit more exercise. The 2 videos amount now to about 16 minutes of fun way to trim¬† down.¬† If you check out the comments on Youtube about this video you will see that it not only gives you a good cardio but it works your arms and legs too and, ….and, it makes you feel sexy, it’s just fun! (well, I am talking about women….or…)

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Also an important thing when trimming down is to eat healthy and chose a diet or a menu plan that works for you. What works for you girlfriend or neighbor might not be suitable for you or you just plainly can’t keep to it. We are all unique individuals. Here is a diet plan that lets you chose from thousands of diet plans just so it can personalize whatever will best fit your needs.

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So here is the second part. Enjoy. I use it for a quick workout when I don’t have time to go to the gym or when I’m traveling since I can always find it here. Don’t forget to stretch a bit after you are done with the workout.

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