Don’t Keep Putting The Gym Off

There are a few places in life we have to go that we really don’t enjoy, like the petrol station and the gym, two places that we don’t actually have to visit but in reality we know we really do. We even get to pay for the pleasure of having to go through this torture, well at least it’s one way to guarantee we lose some pounds even if it is the currency and not the weight pounds we’re losing. There would have been a reason why you joined the gym in the first place, the trick is to find that motivation again so you want to go. Whatever your motivation is it needs to have more weight than all your excuses not to bother with the gym at all.

The deal time of day to make yourself go down and use the fitness equipment is the start of the day. As the day progresses you’re going to find little excuses not to go and by the time you leave work, get home and get dinner you know you’re not going to the gym tonight. Don’t force yourself to do any workouts you’re not going to enjoy, don’t make yourself use equipment you don’t like instead try a vibration plate. Exercise plates are one of these fun things that no one ever has at home so if your gym has one take advantage and use it. You also need to make sure you don’t give yourself any time to come up with an excuse so have everything ready and waiting. You need to be in your gym clothes and on your way before you’ve really woken up and realised what you’ve done so have it all laid out the night before waiting for you. You don’t want to have to go home after work to get your gym clothes if you are going in the evening so make sure everything sat in your car waiting for you.

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