Is Alpha Arbutin Safer than Hydroquinone?

 The beauty industry has been looking for a new replacement for hydroquinone since it has been banned worldwide with the exception of the U.S. .   At one point Kojic Acid seemed promising but wasn’t as powerful.  Recently, they found this substance in, of all places, a weed in Canada  The chemical is called Alpha Arbutin and many studies have found it to an effective alternative .  But how effective is it?

Facts about Alpha Arbutin

The dangers of hydroquinone are indisputable .  Many darker skinned women have found that using the substance can whiten skin but if abused, it could whiten the skin permanently. In a few cases, liver and kidney damage is the result. In some rarer cases, death has actually occurred .

Would Alpha Arbutin cause the same results?

 First, many women may think that just because A-Arbutin in a natural and organic material doesn’t imply that it is a safe alternative  .  But in reality, the body doesn’t treat arbutin any differently than it treats hydroquinone .   In other words, the synthesis and how it reacts to the body is the same.   In fact, the chemical responsible for inhibiting melanin is broken down the same way regardless of what the two chemicals are labeled.

As far as testing is concerned, hydroquinone has been studied for decades now.  Contrast this with years of new & non-conclusive research with arbutin.   One thing is clear though- A-arbutin is not as effective as hydroquinone and given the fact that studies have not conclusively proved that one is better than the other, hydroquinone may be the better option….if you can get it.

If you are looking for a bleaching cream that doesn’t have the harmful side effects there are other options  . For instance, Japanese researchers recently discovered that a substance in a particular fungi could whiten the skin.  It is known as kojic acid .   While it is safer, the effects take longer to realize.  And for some women, that could be enough not to chance a bleaching cream with potential hidden dangers .

 Hydroquinone is dangerous.  But considering the alternatives, there is no other skin bleaching ingredient that is more effective.  .  And while Alpha Arbutin may appear to be a substance that could rival it, the jury is still out as to whether it is truly safer.


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