Do we really know what we feed our bodies?

And the answer to that question is NO.

We might think we know what we eat and we might think we are all informed and keep on top of it; afterall most of us stay away from the fast food restaurants and eat our veggies and take our vitamins. But the reality is that we do sneak in the odd burger and fries and they do taste damn good, of course I pay for it because I get a slight nausea and a feeling that I just swalowed a stone shortly after consuming the evil stuff.

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Do you ever get the feeling after downing a fastfood burger that it’s just not digesting? It just sits there?
Now that I watched on the news the “decaying experiment” well more like the “NOT decaying experiment” of the McDonalds burger not molding and decomposing after being left out on a plate for something like 144 days, so months I understand what happens. Most likely my stomach thinks I did swallow a stone and it takes a while to start gather all the enzimes and acid and whatever it needs to start breaking it down. It knows this is not it’s usual task and it is sending me signals in its own way to stop subjecting myself to this….I think I finally got it.

Here is the video of the “never decaying” burger. It’s almost 4 minutes long and it’s boring to watch. Like nothing happens so I just fastforwarded it.

And here a very cool video of “normal” food of veggies and fruits left out for over 70 days. Now there is action here and a surprise development: it actually starts to sprout new life, some sort of green.
Worth watching and it’s under 2 minutes long.

Enjoy! Please leave a comment. I am curious about your experience and of course your 2 cents worth 🙂

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      • Silvia on October 29, 2010 at 2:52 pm

      wow! This video is so true very cool! 🙂 I wonder what the decomposition of Cheesewiz is? My hubby dies for that stuff, although thankfully He has not been eating much of that lately!

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